Integration and traceability to any production process

All kinds of industry

GPAC is an ERP (Enterprising Resources Planning) designed to guarantee the complete integration and traceability of the information to any productive process. Its positive result is due to its ability to configure and adapt to the client’s business model, focusing on modeling any and all operational process. As a result, GPAC is compatible with any Industry Segment.

MediaSis, as well as each of its partners, has already implemented GPAC in a range of widely diversified industries such as Agrifood, Metalomechanics, Timber, Furniture, Construction, Projects, Stones, Services, Molds and Plastics.

Based on the DYP (Define Your Process) Process Modeling Technology that incorporates GPAC, it is possible to implement the theoretical models of production without losing the capacity to flexibilize and change the production model at any stage of the process.

Its flexible structure allows, for example, to create a productive nomenclature that can be applied to several articles in production, reducing implementation time and database maintenance costs whenever layout, article or process changes occur.