Advantages of the cleaned manufacturing order

ERP GPACnx: menor documentação e maior controlo sobre o processo.

In a market that is conditioned by fashion and personal taste of the costumer, it seems natural that there is an increasing demand for customized products and services, adjusted to the needs and tastes of consumers. However, production management based on product modeling can become a set of problems from a simple custom order, due to the large number of variables to be controlled.

The proposal of ERP GPACnx consists of not thinking about the final product, but on all its components, and on each component we try to redefine each one of its processes and subprocesses, and so on, until we can transform what seemed to us a huge problem in small problems. It is a generic attribute reference system that commands the GPACnx, the DYP (Define Your Process) Technology for Modeling Productive Processes.

GPAC is designed to manage and streamline manufacturing processes. It is an Industrial Management Software whose implementation makes possible the modeling of all possible configurations, using only an article code and process. That is, it has the ability to simplify complex processes, making them intelligible to anyone.

Based on the principle of good organization, the process should be defined by the information system, at the time of registration of the budget or order and never in production. The order of manufacture, for example, may reach the factory floor cleaned, provided only with the processes to be performed. In this way, the collaborator will not have to worry about the type of final product that his activity will produce and he will be able to keep the focus on the execution, because this information will be managed internally by the GPAC, as well as the questions of material optimization.

The optimized organization on the factory floor and the provision of accurate data to managers are guaranteed through the integration and traceability of the information at all stages of the operational or productive process. Less documentation and greater control over the process.