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The GPAC is an ERP designed to ensure integration and traceability of information to any production process. It is understood here by production process, any process that requires the transformation of products, incorporation of time (machine, manpower or any other feature), documentary checks, traceability of product or service, etc.

With the GPAC it is possible to control the lifecycle of your product and/or service between the budget and customer satisfaction. Are not necessary add-on, specific software, auxiliary calculation sheets or any other tools of information dispersal, regardless of the sector of activity or area of application.


GPAC’s success is due to its configurability and adaptability to business model, with a focus on modelling of any operational process. The configurability and parameterization of the GPAC is so high that each implementation GPAC is really unique, despite the underlying technology be equal in each of the implementations.

The proof of the applicability of the GPAC is the range of customers that have already implemented the solution in a number of sectors of activities (agricultural area, large industry or services). In none of the implementations there was need for specific development or integration of any external tool for GPAC.



The GPAC incorporates a powerful technology called DYP (Define Your Process). This is a technology of modelling and parameterization of processes and documentary flows capable of solving any deterministic problem in your organization.

The goal of MediaSis was to create a tool capable of defining the necessary process to customer satisfaction rather than thinking about the product. This means an enormous ability to represent the information required for the production of the goods or services.

DYP is a technology developed with focus on process before thinking about the product.